What is the Global I.T. Academy?

In alignment with the Brea Olinda Unified School District's philosophy, the Global I.T. Academy fosters an environment that both empowers and challenges students to apply their critical thinking and problem solving skills to solve real world, technology issues. The Global I.T. Academy opens its doors for industry experts to visit our program and help students make the connection between what they are learning and real world application. The Global I.T. Academy is a well-rounded three-dimensional program which holistically addresses the needs and growth of the Global I.T. Academy participant with input from higher education, business, and community.

Project-Based Learning

The modern business environment requires highly skilled team members with exceptional problem-solving skills. The Global I.T. Academy embraces this necessary business ideal. The students are provided many opportunities to take part in team collaboration. Students actively participate in real-life scenarios such as building websites for local businesses and charities. The quality of the product requires harnessing and directing the strengths of the individual team members. They learn that through collaborative efforts, they can achieve much more than individually.

Global I.T. Academy Student Qualities

The Global I.T. Academy student is someone who wants more than a traditional high school experience. They desire the opportunity to immerse themselves in the creation of new technology, and seek to build applications by their own accord. They want to collaborate with peers to strengthen their weaknesses and learn from each other. Each student takes the opportunity to mature by assuming leadership roles, and relish opportunities for real-life experiences outside the classroom door.

Join the future leaders of technology!