GITA is a four year IT elective program, with each course being taught at a college level. However, the courses alone do not make the program. We believe the success of our program is defined by its depth. We address this through providing enrichment activities outside of the classroom.

Every year, we conduct team-building activities which create a cohesive bond among the students. These activities include peer orientations, physical challenges, and social gatherings. We provide experiences that students cannot receive in regular core academic classes, such as annual visits to local universities, including University California Irvine and California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

Visits to the universities are not simply tours of facilities, but are opportunities for our students to interact with college faculty and college students in a lab setting. Professors design significant problems solving activities, along with their social implications, in which GITA students participate.

Because IT is a very broad field, we provide students with an awareness of possibilities in career choice. We also emphasize how IT is encompassed in all careers. Local business leaders visit our program and provide students with insight into our global economic system which gives them a broader perspective beyond their local school and community.

2010, 2009 and 2008 - First Place

Cal Poly Pomona X-Treme Website Design Competition
(website design for non-profit organizations)

2010 - Finalist

Project Tomorrow's "Emerging Student Innovator"

2009 - Participant

Cal Poly Pomona Cyber Defense Invitational

2009 - Winner

Project Tomorrow's "High Impact Teacher in Technology" - Mr. Todd Salesky

2009 - Finalist

Project Tomorrow's "Emerging Student Innovator"

2008 Invitation to Participate

Orange County Workforce Development Conference
GITA STUDENT PANELIST for Innovation in Education Summit"

2007 - Top Three Finalists

Project Tomorrow's "Innovative Student of Technology"

2007 - Honorable Mention

Project Tomorrow's "Innovative School Program of the Year"
in Science, Math and Technology

2006 - Honorable Mention

Project Tomorrow's "Innovative School Program of the Year"
in Science, Math and Technology
M.S. Interactive Telecommunications
B.S. Mathematics
Experience: 20 years of teaching mathematics and computer science

Todd Salesky is the creator of the program and its curriculum. He works with local universities and business leaders to create course content which is current and relevant. He addresses the needs of business and higher education throught the technical content of the GITA program. he addresses the needs of students who are looking for a learing environment where they can explore and become a strong, independently driven individual. His students are not confined to the typical rote education but are challenged to use and apply their critical thinking skills to slove real world problems. Through his relationships in the community, he provides the students opportunities to use the tools they aquire to go beyond the class room. He believes that the heighest level of learing is demonstrated when a student can take their knowledge and build something that was never there before!
GITA students work with local professionals to obtain "real world" experience while offering their technical and creative skills to support office technology, and enhance business communication. Listed below are some of the businesses and organizations our students have worked with:

Beckman Coulter
Brea Chamber Of Commerce
Be Aware, Breast Cancer Foundation
Brea Public Library
Brea Jr. High School
Brea Olinda High School
City Of Brea
Country Hills Elementary School
Girls Inc.
Pomona Friends of the Library
Second Source Cable
GITA students have logged thousands of hours of community service! There are numerous ways GITA students are making a strong contribution to academics, business, and the community:

  • Support BOHS staff with their technical skills
  • Tutor other students at all grade levels
  • Facilitate after school computer programming classes for students
  • Develop/Teach computer-related class at local elementary schools
  • Extend IT tutoring for community members at Brea Public Library
  • Produce/maintain websites for non-profit and other business organizations
  • Mentor younger students by sharing valuable skills with them
  • Lend computer skills to community members, local organizations and businesses

    Brea Chamber of Commerce | California Polytechnic State University, Pomona | City of Brea | Orange County Business Council | University California Irvine