Purpose of the Global I.T. Booster Club

  • To provide, in conjunction with the Brea Olinda Board of Education, the foundation for which the GITA program at Brea Olinda High School maintains its prominence.
  • To build and maintain an organization of parents which will assist with the general activities and support the participating students of the GITA program.
  • To provide support to academics at Brea Olinda High School by recognizing students for their academic excellence
  • To provide career pathways in cooperation with local business leaders through internship, mentorship, and field trips that enable the students to be interactive in the global business field.
  • To provide a level of technical support through corporate partnerships that enable the GITA program to continue to serve the participating students with exceptional activities and outcomes.
  • To provide experiences through local university programs that allow the GITA students to connect with fellow Information Technology students and college level programs that are offered at the participating universities with the intent of fostering high school to college pathways.
  • To provide inspiration, guidance, and assistance to all GITA students in order to develop and sustain a high performing GITA program at Brea Olinda High School.
  • To promote the GITA program throughout the local community and schools thereby strengthening the entire GITA program.

Booster Club Leadership


Dave Bourgeois dbinbrea@gmail.com

Vice President:

Daniel Doh dgillanders@sbcglobal.net


Sharon Hannum nbmj_hannum@yahoo.com


Lely Dizon likay4343@yahoo.com

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