Computer Science 1

Computer Programming I is a competency course to prepare students with the entry level technical skills necessary as a computer programmer. This first-year academy elective course taught in C# is designed for students interested in creating dynamic software applications. C# object-oriented programming environment that includes many of the elements of the C++ and Java languages and is used to create interactive, business orientated, graphical user interfaces (GUI).

Computer Science 2

Advanced Web Design focuses on issues involved in the design of the interaction between people and computers. This second-year academy elective course taught in JavaScript is designed for students to identify issues and tradeoffs in human computer interaction design. Students will be introduced to guidelines, principles, and theories for effective interface design. During the course, students will evaluate user interfaces, understand user interface design guidelines, and create websites based on interface design guidelines.

Computer Science 3

Advanced Web Programming is an elective course designed for the Global IT Academy students to take in year three of their program. Computer science year three runs on the assumption that students have previous programming experience. This course allows students to create animation for websites and a high level of interactivity within those sites. Students will understand and practice ethical and legal standards for communications using technology including demonstrating an awareness of District procedures and guidelines regarding the ethical use of electronic media and ethical considerations regarding plagiarism. Students will learn the fundamental concepts and skills required to develop and manage complex interactive web sites. Students will use the ActionScript scripting language to develop robust multimedia Internet applications.

AP Computer Science

Java is an intense introduction to the object-oriented computer programming approach. General elements of programming will be used to design object-oriented programs with the characteristics of inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation. Using an IDE environment, programs will be designed, compiled, run and debugged. The design process will attribute to event-driven programs requiring the creation of objects. These objects include re-usable code created from classes and methods of student design or existing library classes. The course will use international industry standards to develop, document and test applications. The computer systems model will be introduced to provide an overall understanding of software development.


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