1) Is GITA only for those who want to major in Computer Science?

Of course not! Through the Global Information Technology Academy, students gain computer skills, soft skills, and teamwork skills. Founded by business professionals, educators, parents, and teachers, GITA opens a wide range of opportunities for students to attend education summits at five star hotels, listen to industry speakers from Microsoft and Boeing, and have fun at UCI's summer camp.

2) Will the Global IT Academy course cause problems in my child's schedule?

The school's computer is programmed to make the best possible schedule that each student should have. If there is any conflict with your child's schedule, you may contact your child's conselor.

3) Will my child still be able to attend band/sports?

Yes, your child will still be able to attend band/sports.

4) How will my child benefit in this program?

The Global IT program will allow your child to interact with other students, learn how to computer program, and this can be put into their college applications.

5) How difficult is this program for students?

The Global IT Academy program is a challenging course and students must put as much effort as they can to keep up with the course throughout the year.

6) How will my child receive high school credits from this class?

This program is counted as an Elective course and will receive the same amount of credits as other classes.

7) Are there any ways that my child can get help if he/she is having trouble?

Yes, there are several ways that your child can get help. You child may stay in the classroom during tutorial and other Global IT students may help them or he/she may go to the library after school every wednesday to receive help.