Our Mission

The Global I.T. Academy was founded to address the need for highly trained technical professionals in the United States and Orange County, California. Orange County is a technology hub for Southern California. In order to maintain its workforce, Orange County needs to create a new workforce prepared to meet today's 21st century skills. The concept of Global I.T. was created by business professionals traveling overseas seeing the need for a young, new workforce to be able to communicate in the global market while solving problems with technical skills. Global I.T. Academy was founded at Brea Olinda High School through collaboration between community, business, higher education and local high school stakeholders to bring our high school into the 21st century.

Beyond Coding

More Than Technology

The Global I.T. Academy is a four I.T. elective program, with each course being taught at a college level. However, the courses alone do not make the program. We believe the success of our program is defined by its depth. We address this through providing enrichment activities outside of the classroom. Every year, we conduct team-building activities which create a cohesive bond among the students. These activities include peer orientations, challenges, and social gatherings. We provide experiences that students cannot receive in regular core academic classes; because I.T. is a very broad field, we provide students with an awareness of possibilities in career choice. We also emphasize how I.T. is encompassed in all careers. Local business leaders visit our program and provide students with insight into our global economic system which gives them a broader perspective beyond their local school and community.

Real-World Applications

How Global I.T. Academy Students Work

Global I.T. Academy Students undergo 21st century-designed courses in learning the world of Informational Technology



Students first learn the basics of their programming language


Design & Develop

Students piece together the knowledge from lectures and their own minds to develop unique projects


Launch & Publish

After debugging and testing, students publish their work for others to see

Global I.T. Academy Students follow the workflow of real-world jobs and experiences.